Light sensitive navigation with the Boe-Bot

A little more difficult working with the photoresistors rather than the whiskers as there’s so many windows in this house, it’s very bright at the best of times 🙂 But, I played around making the Boe-Bot act like a scaredy-cat by backing away from a flashlight:

Alt video for blocked YouTube access

More useful was programing it to move towards light sources, such as exiting a dark area or room and moving towards the light – of course, Mia decided to come stick her nose in again! Think I need a subroutine called “DogAvoidance” (maybe use the piezospeaker to emit a high frequency tone!), but it seemed to do pretty well on this one anyways:

Alt video for blocked YouTube access

And one more project to have the Boe-Bot detect changes in the colour surface and avoid black areas.

Alt video for blocked YouTube access

One common robotics challenge is following a black line, so I’m guessing this is something the textbook will move onto using the same principles of detecting the colour changes and making adjustments as to the direction of travel. Next up though is using the infrared sensors for navigation and object detection.


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