Tactile navigation with the Boe-Bot

This afternoon I worked through using ‘whiskers’ on my Boe-Bot so that it can detect when it’s touched an object and so backup and try again in a different direction:

Boe-Bot with whiskers

It was a little more interesting than the first few chapters of programming it to move in certain directions, turn at a particular angle, etc. although probably worthwhile in the long run to be able to calculate what speed and durations of turn produce various distances and directions. After setting up a minor obstacle course (sponsored by the US Postal Service…), Mia decided to come and see whether anything good was happening:

Alt video for blocked YouTube access

Inquisitive little bugger…

Note: I’m switching some videos to YouTube as the media plugin I use for WordPress automatically starts downloading all videos displayed which is getting boring if there’s more than one video to load. For those at work, school, college, etc. where YouTube may be blocked, I’ll be including an alternative video link here on the blog below each YouTube clip, ‘cos I’m nice 🙂


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