A few summer(ish) photos

This morning David Daniel arrived with an Amazon.com box – said he figured he had the right house as “I heard the man-eater when I came up the steps” 😀 That would be Mia… I think the fact that our house is the only one not boarded up gives our location away too! But, it was my new Fujifilm S1000fd digital camera. Today wasn’t exactly the best day to go play with it since it was still pretty miserable and overcast at times, but not too bad – this was on the boardwalk out to the new airport looking back on the community hall, with very moody skies behind it:

Community hall

And yes, those guard rails run all the 2/3 mile out there! The boardwalk is also double-layered meaning the top boards can be replaced as they wear down without leaving a great big gaping hole like the current boardwalks do! Rated to carry 8 tons too, though what on earth weighing 8 tons would be doing driving round out here I don’t know!

Up by the airport, Mia decided to show off her newly-discovered swimming skills to Kat:

Mia swimming

One cool feature on the new S1000fd is ‘Panorama’ mode where it will stitch together up to three photographs on the fly, creating nice wide panoramic shots. After taking the first photo, it blends it in on the left hand side of the LCD or EVF whilst you’re taking the second photo so you can line it up close, and then take the third photo in the same manner. With some automagical trickery, it then stitches them together and displays the final result for you to accept or reject. Works pretty well, and should make for some good photos this summer as I can never be bothered to do it manually. Check out this one in a larger format on flickr:

Panoramic tundra

Another cool option on the camera is continuous shooting, or ‘fill your memory card up git fast’ mode 🙂 Takes three photos a second which is great for capturing action shots, like Mia trying to snap at the bugs flying around her!

Mia biting

Back in the village at the intersection of the boardwalks, the stop sign leaning even further over after being weighed down with snow over the winter, and then a trailer upside down in the water – maybe someone missed the sign…

Stop sign

Very happy with the new camera, and for $215 (little under £110), it’s a steal. The major complaint in reviews about it is that there’s no optical stablisation, it’s software-based on the camera, meaning the 12x optical zoom is useless as shots turn out too blurry. Think they need to learn how to keep a steady hand whilst taking photos, as I took the zoom all the way to 70.80mm and captured Kat + Mia very clearly with no blur from over 100 yards away. All Fuji cameras including this one that I’ve used also have dual-shutter press meaning you can half-press the button to allow the camera to figure out what it has to focus on and correct, and when the LCD displays the shot correctly, depress the button fully, which I think would help some people too. When zooming right in, this helps reduce the camera vibration as the button is already have depressed and you’re focusing on the shot as much as the camera is. But, with some clearer weather and better lighting, I’ll get a better idea how well it captures colours and how sharp the photos are, but certainly seems to do a good job. The video recording move is very clear, and I like the option to add voice tags to photos so you can recall where you took it or what mountains you’re looking at – I’ve take so many photos over the years where I’ve then had a road sign or park service placard as the next photo as a reminder!


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