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Kat’s sat in Bethel waiting to fly out – I’ve already been to the airport at 9a.m this morning after being told she was on her way into the village only to find it was a plane full of freight 🙂 Good ‘ol Yute Air.

But, since I haven’t been able to take any photos recently, thought I’d play with some instead. I don’t have the money for Photoshop (or the desire to get carted off to jail like about 50% of Photoshop users 😉 ) so have used GIMPshop, based off the open-source graphics manipulation program GIMP, for a number of years. I know, I know, feel free to poke fun at the name in the comments section! This first one is isolating certain colours or parts of a photo whilst having the rest a black & white image based on this Instructables tutorial. Since I haven’t take any photos with this in mind, this is more a proof-of-concept thing 🙂

Kayaking colours experiment

The idea works well at least. Not sure what I could use it on, but gives me something to look out for when taking photos in the future. This next one is again just playing around with different ideas + effects from this Instructables tutorial. Not the kinda of thing you’d put in a photo gallery, but some useful effects playing with layer masks and such:

3D airplane

Just a couple of cool results. I’ve also been messing around with Picnik, an online photo editing suite, which I’ve used for a while to do some basic editing on photos from Flickr since the start of the year, but there’s some good effects you can add like retro 60’s styling and text effects. Haven’t got round to creating anything worth sharing yet 🙂

But, Kat just got home 😀 Got the call whilst writing this up, so nice to have her home. Mia hasn’t stopped spazzing out yet either! Kat’s pretty tired, but glad to be home, and thought it was cool how much things have changed in just 3 weeks – when she flew out everything was still brown and dirty from the ice break-up and now there’s green everywhere! Sure she’ll sleep most of the day, but the important thing is she brought Subway…


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