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Kat should be at Reno airport about now waiting for her flight out to Phoenix before heading up to Anchorage. Hopefully will get back into Tunt first thing tomorrow morning, though bad weather the last couple of days has been delaying some of the bush flights (even more than usual…), which will be the last thing she’ll want after 5 hours hanging Anchorage airport in the dead of night!

Mia went swimming on Saturday which was the first time she’s gone all the way into the lakes doggy-paddling – usually she would just slowly creep in whilst still standing up and then scrabble back when the water got to her chest, but I had her chasing sticks up by the new airport and she ended up going right in after them and thought it was great once she realised she could swim 🙂

Today I got my rebate check through from XFX for the graphics card I bought a couple of months back – not going to complain, as usually they take forever to be processed, and the $30 rebate is about 1/3 off which is better than sales in most department stores! $65 for a 256Mb DDR3 GEForce 8600GT isn’t too shabby and has worked great.

Anyway, suppose I should go back to cleaning the house now the golf has finished…


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