Sack the juggler

Got all the travel + hotel vouchers in the mail today for our vacation at the end of July. Pretty cool. Now on the hunt for a new digital camera after mine went belly up back in March. Also got some more food through from Span Alaska (ordered 2 1/2 weeks ago, and maybe half of it has arrived…) – some genius decided that even though I’d ordered the large plastic containers of Prego pasta sauce, they’d ship a dozen smaller glass jars (think glass jars bouncing from Seattle to way the hell out here on dubious bush planes at the best of times…) and then to make sure they caused as much damage as possible, would stick 4 huge 8lb 10oz bottles (plastic this time at least) of salsa sauce on top. Thankfully only one of the glass jars broke, but makes you wonder why they can charge an extra $160 for priority shipping on frozen food that still hasn’t arrived when shipping is meant to be included in the price of their food to begin with, and then 3% extra for shipping insurance when they then balls up packaging food and know fine well it’s not worth the customer (dis)service hell of trying to claim on what does get damaged.

Another of my “if I had a bunch of money I’d start a competing business as they’re clearly realising they have a monopoly so their customers have no alternative but put up with it” moments 🙂


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