Gas prices gone up

The end of last week a couple of barges came in bringing some freight for various projects around the village, along with filling up the main fuel tanks at the gas station. I’d managed to avoid going that way after whispers of it hitting $8/gallon before the barge came in, but Mia + I took a walk along there today and found it had risen from $5/gallon to $6.65/gallon. Not quite $8, but still a big jump 🙁 Over a 10 gallon tank, that’s an extra $16.50 compared to last winter, or 3 gallons worth of fuel, which isn’t too nice when a snowmobile struggles to get 15mpg anyway. Maybe folk won’t ride round the village 20 times a day to the store or post office when it hits their wallet like they usually do. Still better than back in England anyway!

There doesn’t seem to be as many people going away to fish camp this year compared to the last couple of years, rather they just are going to head out a few days in the main salmon run later this month, then again around the end of July. Not sure whether that’s down to gas prices, or if the locals think it’s just not worth the effort of spending weeks away from the village at camp when they can head out in force for a few days and put all their energy into hauling in fish during the main run.

Cris got a house sorted yesterday in Fallon, an hour or so east of Carson City, so they were unloading their U-Haul and moving in today. Sure she’s pretty happy to finally be there and into her new home! Job hunting will be next, and Kat heads back on Monday, coming straight through Anchorage into the village on Tuesday morning rather than spending however many hundreds of dollars on a hotel and rental car when we’ll back in Anchorage at the end of July anyway. Sure Mia will be happy to have her back a few days earlier too 😉


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