The last couple of weeks the guys working on the oil lines to the houses have been rounding things off, completing all the wiring and testing the system will actually pump oil into the feeder tanks by the houses. Right now, Mia is doing her best to get their attention by looking cute and wagging her tail as they’re putting up signs on the sides of the two main tanks reading “Danger: Flammable liquids. NO SMOKING”. Sensible idea, except the guys have all been standing up on the top of the tanks whilst wiring up the pumps, valves and whatever else whilst smoking themselves. I did think a few days ago that it was akin to the guy filling up a petrol station from a tanker whilst smoking a cigarette – “Hey guys, lets stand on top of 20,000 gallons of fuel to wire up this pump and smoke a cigarette right over the great big gaping whole leading right to the fuel” 🙂

Bet you could roast a good few marshmallows though, and all in seriousness, they have done a really good job with the oil lines and will make it a lot easier next winter to keep the heating systems in the houses up and running!


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