Month: June 2008

Boe-Bot infrared eyes

The internet was off all weekend, made even more annoying by a) their customer service lines were also closed all weekend and b) it came back online first thing this morning meaning when they got into the office and saw

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Calm before the storm

The rains this morning were obviously a sign of things to come – Kat + I got out for a walk with Mia earlier this evening whilst it was still quite nice, but now it’s heavy rain, thunder + lightning.

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Two days of warm + dry weather gave way this morning. After heavy downpours, it’s now back to 70F and sunshine.

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Alaskan insomia

Most Alaskans are probably lying if they say they have no difficulty sleeping during the summer. These photos were taken at 12.30a.m, and there’s easily another hour or so of this twilight period before the sun will finally dip below

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Russian Orthodox Church

Look, no rain! Up to 75F earlier this evening as we took a walk, enjoying the greenery here by the Russian Orthodox Church. We were then swarmed by dive-bombing mosquitoes as we headed out across the tundra in search of

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