While the ‘Kats’ away…

Kat got out of the village okay yesterday after some dodgy weather left her feeling nervous about the bush planes arriving (even more nervous than usual about figuring out the odds of the bush planes picking you up when they’re meant to…), and got into Fargo around lunchtime after flying via Denver from Anchorage. She called earlier to complain she was covered in cat hair from Max – guess Mia isn’t too bad after all, who, by the way, moped around her kennel from 6p.m last night until 10a.m this morning as she knew Kat had gone! Seems a little better today after being bribed with a walk and then a treat or two. Kat will be away until the middle of June helping Cris move across to Carson City, before flying back through Anchorage. Just me + Mia for the next 3 weeks 🙂

With Kat addicted to Facebook and such like, her half sister, Cheri` had found her again after loosing touch for a number years with Kat moving around. Kat was pretty excited about it as they’d never really got to know in touch much whilst younger, but Cheri` had a baby last year and they’re hoping to meet up whilst Kat’s in the lower. They live in Oregon (would have been canny to know last summer whilst traveling through there!), so are planning on meeting up half way between Tahoe and Salem (I think). That make me quarter uncle in law…?

We got a bunch of stuff booked for our trip with my parents at the end of July now. Yesterday we went ahead through Alaska Travel to book a train ride down to Seward along with two nights hotel by the harbour and full day glacier cruise with a ranger talk and grilled salmon lunch, along with 3 nights in a log cabin in Denali, a full day bus tour of the national park, and then a tour of the Sundog kennels in Talkeetna to check over some of Iditarod huskies and take a ride with them. That’s pretty much our main trips all confirmed now, as the few days around Anchorage will mainly be heading to the heritage museum, taking a tour of the city, going to the zoo and Earthquake Park, etc. We booked our flights a week ago too, so we’re all starting to get excited about it.

Back in the village, it’s weird seeing boats moving around on the river – all the ice has gone and people are starting to get ready to go fishing. I filled the 4-wheeler up with gas after dropping Kat off at the airport and a boat pulled up to get fuel too which caught me off guard! Hoping to start sweet talking people into taking me out fishing once the weather picks up (still miserable + drizzling). But, with the guys moving away trying to offload the last of their gear rather than simply throw it out, I got a dartboard off Nick with two sets of darts for $10. Good fun, as have my darts from England with me too – used to spend hours playing darts down the Travs. Just need to convince Kat to let me open a bar up here 😀


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