School’s out

Kat + I got have got our flights booked up for heading into the Anchorage at the end of July for a couple of weeks with my parents 🙂 Pretty cool, just need to get a couple of git big needles sent out to stick into Mia to get her sorted too. Now we’re working out where we’re going and what we’re doing to look at getting hotels booked and tickets booked for a glacier cruise and Denali bus ride.

School is all finished up here now, so Kat is enjoying a bit of relaxation before flying down to Minnesota next Tuesday. Will be helping Cris move out to Carson City and then flies up to Anchorage around the middle of June for a few days before heading back to Tunt. Some of the other teachers are already starting to head out the village, and the three moving away completely are hurrying around to get sorted by June 1st when they have to be out the houses. Think they’re all grouping together to charter a Cessna 208 Grand Caravan to get them into Bethel as there’ll be two dogs amongst all the luggage so is probably easier!

I’ve had a few days work clearing wood from around the school after boardwalks have been ripped up and oil tanks removed over the past year, and will have a couple of day next week building some new boardwalk sections. All the materials for hooking up the other four housing units to the water and sewer lines are on order, so hopefully they’ll arrive soon now that the rivers have broken and the barges should be able to sail in the next week or so. That would give me plenty of work to do over the summer to stop me getting bored and bring some money in.


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