Back from Anchorage

Made it back to Tunt from Anchorage with only a 5 hour wait hanging around in Bethel at Hageland… Pretty tired as was a lot of darting around from store to store getting things together or mailing back, but at least the weather was good, and I managed to get an intro pilot lesson with Take Flight out of Merrill Field too which was good and cleared up a lot of things in my mind:

In Cessna 152

I got to the aviation museum on Lake Hood, munched away on Subways, Pizza Hut, Wendys, Taco Bell and McDonalds (along with some very nice salmon, prawns + halibut at one of Damond’s friend’s birthdays), and spent more time shopping than is good for a bloke really!

Being able to hang out with Damond in Anchorage, and make the use of one of his cars (a great big Suburban – way bigger than anything else I’ve driven before, and certainly not *quite* as economical as the Prius last summer given gas is at $4/gallon now), was cool, and overall it was a good trip. The snow has pretty much gone in Tunt now and the river broke a day or two ago, although the Kuskokwim itself hasn’t started flowing yet, but with the joy of Walmart I bought two big cans of bug spray so I’m prepared for being out here this summer!


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