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While the ‘Kats’ away…

Kat got out of the village okay yesterday after some dodgy weather left her feeling nervous about the bush planes arriving (even more nervous than usual about figuring out the odds of the bush planes picking you up when they’re

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School’s out

Kat + I got have got our flights booked up for heading into the Anchorage at the end of July for a couple of weeks with my parents 🙂 Pretty cool, just need to get a couple of git big

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Back from Anchorage

Made it back to Tunt from Anchorage with only a 5 hour wait hanging around in Bethel at Hageland… Pretty tired as was a lot of darting around from store to store getting things together or mailing back, but at

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Off to Anchorage

Having fun with the waiting game of ‘will my bush plane turn up?’, but the weather isn’t too bad so should be okay. In Anchorage until Friday lunchtime, and already got my shopping lists from Kat 😉 She’s just mad

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Going to the moon

Seriously, we are! Well, our names are anyway 🙂 NASA is launching a Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter towards the end of the year, and they’re including a microchip in it containing a bunch of names submitted to them by the end

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