Almost canoe time…

Don’t think my snowmobile is going anywhere in a hurry until November/December time now 🙁

Snowmobile going nowhere for a while

Amazing how quickly things warmed up, as once a good amount of standing water started forming on the lakes, the snowmobiles continuing to ride through it just melted more of the snow. The ice isn’t breaking yet, but probably won’t be long. A lot of tundra is poking through, and most people have switched to traveling around on 4-wheelers now. Photo doesn’t quite capture it, but other than the small patch of snow in the middle, the rest is 6-10 inches of water:

Melting snow

Needless to say, Mia ain’t too happy as when she does try plowing through the remaining snow she sinks even more than normal! Isn’t convinced about the big puddles of water on the boardwalks either, just isn’t sure what to make of it since it’s been so long since she’s got her feet wet 🙂 I was out clearing the boardwalk around the house of snow + ice yesterday and everyone was walking around in t-shirts – probably wasn’t even touching 45F, but after -45F windchills through winter, the first bit of sunshine and warm weather sends every giddy!

But, my parents have decided to come up to Anchorage during the summer 😀 They were thinking of meeting us somewhere in California like last year, but figured since we’ll be moving there next summer, why not meet up in Anchorage whilst they have the chance to get to Alaska. Kat + I were wanting to do stuff around there anyways such as the train ride down to Seward and a glacier cruise or the bus ride through Denali National Park, so is the perfect excuse for us to go and do it! They’re going to start working out some dates and flights up to here, whilst Kat + I figure out where to go. Part of the experience of a holiday in Alaska is the travel up here, so hopefully Nikki can work some magic on comfortable flights with a night or two layover along the way. I wouldn’t try 26 hours straight through from England again, and certainly didn’t recommend it to my parents!

Least it gives us all something really cool to look forward to around the end of July, just hope the weather is good. We were pretty lucky last year when we were around Anchorage apart from the Portage glacier cruise, and it made such a difference to when you’re rained in and you can’t really see the mountains. Mia gets a holiday too – she enjoyed the dog hotel last year just after we got her from the shelter, so hopefully she won’t kick up too much of a fuss this time!


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