Mixed bag

The last few days have been a little annoying. TCSA have strung out a bunch of excuses as to why they’ve simply dropped their service of emptying the sewer tanks when they were due to run it until April 18th, most of them being centered around not having staff to work for them as they’re off doing other things or simply not showing up. Frank + Mark have been trying to negotiate with them to borrow their pumping equipment for a day or two but they want none of it, and when I went down on Monday offering to start working for them right away they wouldn’t bite. The Tribal Council currently has an opening for a custodian to work 4 hours a week cleaning the offices and stuff but I’d get the same reaction even though I’m more than willing to put up with $32 a week and just get on with – I’m not Yup’ik, so no chance of being employed, even though most of the people in the village are too lazy to apply for it or hold it down so the position joins the other jobs on the board that date back to 2006. Pretty much all the sewer tanks in the village are full and everyone’s complaining, but as usual no-one’s willing to suck it up and and do what needs doing. Hopefully they’ll get their act together and either the Tribal Council or Quinarmuit Corporation will take over the services soon as it really can’t be healthy to have raw sewage overflowing around all the houses…

But, now that things have frozen over again from last week’s warm weather, I headed out for a ride on the snowmobile yesterday evening for a good hour or so. Was a beautiful evening without a cloud in the sky and very little wind even though it was around 5F (-15C), and I kept stopping just to admire the peace + quiet (once I turned the engine off…) as it really was quite magical. With the fresh snow, the usually bumpy or packed-down tundra was pretty smooth and soft allowing the snowmobile to just glide over it without needing to slow down much 🙂 Crossing streams was a bit dicey as the edges had softened, lifted, and then frozen again, meaning I had to get off a couple of times and walk the route first to make sure I could ride where I wanted to, especially when coming back onto the main river.

Stream crossing

This afternoon Mia and I had wandered round to the airport just after a plane had come in to land, and it was a completely new one – a Cessna 206 rather than the usual 207’s, and belonging to Vanderpool Air. I’d never heard of them so had to look them up online – they’re a small outfit way up river from Bethel based out of Red Devil I think (pretty cool name!), so guess he was flying a charter for workers at the airport to be this far south.

Vanderpool Air Cessna 206

As it’s getting light pretty early in the morning and staying light until 10.30p.m or so, Kat + Marie have decided to get up on a morning and take the dogs for a walk again like they were before the weather became too cold before Christmas. More concerned about Mia getting up at 7.30a.m than Kat, but sure they’ll have fun! Marie’s really excited at the moment as she was accepted by the Wycliffe Foundation a few days ago to spend two years in Africa doing missionary/teaching work and will find out exactly where she’ll be going in the next week or so. Has to raise quite a bit of funding as the training starts at the of June before flying out to Africa over the summer, but it’s something she’s been planning + preparing for a while, and although Kat + I will be sad to see here leave Tunt, we’re glad it’s to do something like that 🙂


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