Over the weekend I got Kat to watch Trainspotting as it was on one of the movie channels, hence the (not very) inspired title 🙂 This past weekend we were completely weathered in with soft wet snow falling from Friday evening until late Sunday evening, and then warm weather up around 30-35F has caused quite a lot of snow to melt making walking across the tundra a challenge as you don’t know if the top layer is solid or you’re going to sink to your knees in soft snow! Keeps Mia entertained though.

But, this afternoon I got up to the airport as couple of planes came in after being on weather hold most of the morning. First up, Grant Aviation just as I was getting to the airport:

Grant Aviation Cessna 207 landing

I was pretty happy (in a sad + anorak-y way…) as I thought it was a plane I’d seen a few months ago but turned out to be grey + blue, not white + blue 🙂 Gives me another plane I can repaint in flight simulator (more on that later).

Grant Aviation Cessna 207

Just as the Grant plane had taken off, I let Mia run down on the river and heard another plane coming in so I was already down on the bank as it came in to land:

Yute Air Cessna 207 landing

This time it was Yute Air, who had remarkably been on weather hold in Bethel. Guess it must have been *really* bad to keep Yute grounded 😉 Anyway, it was another plane I hadn’t seen before so was pretty happy as I’d wanted to catch the yellow peril for a while!

Yute Air Cessna 207 parked

I hung around whilst the pilot hauled out a stack of boxes for the store and then loaded up five passengers and got a video of him taxing and taking off (these guys don’t exactly follow all taxi and pre-takeoff checks, or at least gloss over them very quickly!):

But, I got the new graphics card for my desktop PC a couple of days ago and it’s fantastic. I’ve already mailed in the rebate forms which will bring it down to $65, and having used pretty poor graphics cards in the past and then a 6 year old laptop the past 15 months, the jump to the 256Mb nVidia GEForce 8600GT is massive! I’ve got all graphics and scenery details to maximum in Flight Simulator 2004 and it looks a world apart to flying previously. I’m also pretty sure it will run the newer Flight Simulator X, so I might pick that up over the summer.

The past few weeks I’ve also slowly been repainting the Cessna 207 and 208 aircraft for Yute Air, Grant Aviation and Hageland Aviation along with working out their schedules to put into flight sim. It’s pretty cool seeing Bethel airport come alive with the small airlines and having planes flying into the villages around here, just wish there was a way I could add a random element to reflect that their schedules just show *where* they’re flying on any given day, and the times don’t mean a thing!


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