Month: March 2008

Project 365 – Day 73 – March 13th ’08

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Big (ish) planes, exploding guns, and a wolf (?)…

This afternoon I took Marie + Pam to the airport as they’re heading into Anchorage for the 3-day Spring break at school. I told them if they forgot my Subways I wouldn’t pick them up on Sunday 🙂 But, I

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Project 365 – Day 72 – March 12th ’08

Confused by the warm weather last week, a few trees seemed to think spring was really here. This is one of the few with a hint of the red leaves still on it – most of the others have already

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Feeling yuk, but not as yukky as yesterday…

The last couple of days I’ve been pretty ill – I’m blaming it on all the dust from the ceiling tiles on Saturday. Was better today so hopefully will be gone in another day or two. We got most of

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Project 365 – Day 71 – March 11th ’08

The standing water along the riverbanks slowly freezing again with the temperature falling down to 10F after highs of 35F last week.

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