Fun at the airport

I’d gone for a walk along the river with Mia this afternoon, and when I got to the airport Arctic Transportation Services had just flown in so I spent a while checking out their plane 🙂 I’d never been there to see what ATS fly and I was curious after catching Arctic Circle’s Skyvan last year – the pilot said ATS mainly use the Casa C212’s, this one being the C212-200:

Casa C212-200

The guys were friendly as they were unloading, mainly as Mia did her usual trick of acting cute until people gave her attention. Nice plane though, and about the same kinda size and cargo capacity as the Skyvan’s.

C212 front

It uses the same engine as the Skyvan’s so also has reverse thrust (as with most large prop-driven aircraft) which makes for pretty cool maneuvering on the ground. The Cessna 207’s have to give it a bunch of power whilst left or right wheel braking to easily turn the aircraft on the ground – the Casa 212 can engage reverse thrust by changing the angle of the propeller to allow the aircraft to reverse like a car.

Garrett AiResearch TPE-331 engine

It was pretty warm down on the river and around the airport at 5F (-15C), but a strong wind brought the windchill to -15F (-26C) as I walked back home which wasn’t much fun. We hurried back as there were a couple of Amazon boxes being dropped off for me at home – I ordered a PC case after resigning myself to the fact I’d be spending $70 shipping on a $30 case 🙁 But, it looks really good, has a quiet PSU (which I’m not convinced will do the job as with most cheap PSU’s included with a case like this), and means I don’t have to rely on my dying Medion laptop from 2002 for flight sim anymore 🙂


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