Finally some decent weather

This afternoon we had some pretty decent weather for a change – even though it was around 0F with windchill down to -25F, the sun was out and it wasn’t overcast or snowing 🙂 I wouldn’t say I’d given up on the Project 365 photo a day gig, but as the weather has been so poor for the past month or so with only the occasional break, it just wasn’t exciting photographing things around the house or dragging myself outside simply for the sake of a half-hearted photo converted to black + white as the light is so poor. There’s also not a whole load to photograph out here after a while! So, I’ve decided to wait until day’s like this when I get to head out and enjoy being outside and taking photographs without worrying what will be my shot of the day simply because I feel I have to have one.

Anyways, a few days of snow and winds have created some pretty cool snowdrifts and patterns in the snow, burying the boats again:

Buried boat

With the winds swinging from north east to north west and then westerly, there’s some nice looking snow drifts with lips and curls on them (which Mia loved charging up + down and destroying before I could photograph!):

Snow drifts

Out on the tundra, the wind had been able to whip the snow across the flat landscape creating patterns and layouts almost like you’d see on sand dunes or at the beach. Stung like sand being whipped against your face too!

Snow patterns

Pam + Marie made it back on Sunday – I was talking with my parents telling them how the weather was horrible with blowing snow, overcast skies at only a couple of hundred feet and one mile visibility at the most when “bbbrrrrmmmmmmmm” over-flies a Yute Air plane 🙂 Tell you, the worse the weather, the more likely Yute are to fly in + out on schedule! Most important thing was they brought my Subway – apparently they had good trip too 😉

The tables got painted over the weekend and last month’s pay went through via direct deposit which means I don’t have to mess around mailing in a check and waiting a couple of weeks for it to clear. Of course, with only 10 hours last month it didn’t break the bank, but did add a whopping $7.23 to a retirement fund I guess I have.

Oh, and Janette – get back to work 😀


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