Feeling yuk, but not as yukky as yesterday…

The last couple of days I’ve been pretty ill – I’m blaming it on all the dust from the ceiling tiles on Saturday. Was better today so hopefully will be gone in another day or two. We got most of the tiles done, but there were some broken when the ceiling was originally up a couple of years ago so they need measuring, cutting and installing to finish it off, but the teachers seem fairly happy with it as it is. Adds up to a few dollars in the pay check at the end of month I suppose.

On Thursday the school breaks up for a whopping 3 day spring-break vacation which Kat is excited about. Marie + Pam are heading into Anchroage for a few days but Kat figured it wasn’t worth it just for 2-3 days with our plans for the summer, so we’ve passed on our Subways orders instead 😉 Gives us something to look forward to, and hopefully I can get out ice fishing again over the next few days as well so we have some fresh fish.


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