Snowgear? More like raingear…

Our Juneau kids seem to be enjoying themselves, having recovered from a long day of traveling out here on Sunday. When I picked them up at the airport they couldn’t believe how small their plane was and how scared they were – they flew in on a Cessna 208 Caravan which is almost three times the size of the normal Cessna 207’s that serve the village but figured I’d keep my mouth shut and let them see what they fly out on! We had Veronica with us from the Sunday night, then Monday lunchtime we realised one of the other girls, Angel, was staying with Greg next door along with the teacher, so offered to house her as well to give the teacher a bit of a break and maybe make it a bit more comfortable for them both here as they’d at least feel a bit more relaxed with a friend in the house. Ever tried putting up a bunkbed by hand with a single screwdriver and an assortment of screws from three years ago when the houses were initially furnished that don’t match up to the pointless instructions 🙂 ? But, they haven’t collapsed and that’s the main thing.

Today has been a bit frustrating as I’d asked Carl at the gas station yesterday about open fishing holes as Greg was hoping to get the Juneau kids out ice fishing, so I headed off downriver as Carl suggested and sure enough found owld Grandad Pavilla (can never remember his first name!) jigging with a good half dozen open holes in the ice. Should have taken my gear as all day today it’s been rained in. Snowed in I don’t mind. Cold-ed (even a word?!) in I don’t mind. But rained in, at the start of March, in Alaska?! Nuts to that, I tried it anyway but by the time I got to the mouth of the river it was just whiteout and said nuts again and came home. It’s right around 30-32F (0C) and the top snow on the river is turning to mush so will need a good freeze to make it safe again, but it’s forecast to stay warm and rainy for a few days. Of course, now it’s 4.30p.m the rain/sleet/snow has cleared up, but after all afternoon of soaking the river it’s not worth trying to go out again.

Mark also called me in to work tomorrow which kinda figures given the weather. It always seems to be -20F, howling winds or just plain miserable when he calls over the last couple of months! I wanted to know what I was letting myself in for, to which he simply replied “ceilings”. “Ceilings?” I asked, “Yup, bring your shorts + sandals” he joked (I didn’t get it).

What do I know about ceilings – so long as they as they don’t fail on me head I don’t see what there is to them…


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