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Not been all that much going on the past week or so. Strong winds had the windchill down to -20F to -30F pretty much all week, though it seems to have dropped today. Not too cold now at around 5F (-15C), but the wind this past week always feels so much colder than an air temp of -20F, especially when you 40mph on a snowmobile!

We’ve got a kid from Juneau due to stay with us this next week. Every year an exchange program is setup to try and get kids from Juneau and Anchorage into rural villages so they can see the other side of life in Alaska. Hopefully they’ll be open to new ideas and want to get involved with things out here rather than looking down on village life and the way the locals live as some in the past have. They’re sat in Bethel waiting to fly out and I’m playing taxi drive for their luggage, then they’ll figure out who’s staying where.

The guys working on the new oil lines are coming along nicely, starting to hook up the tanks to the main lines. Will still be a few weeks before they’re feeding in automatically which will be nice as gets pretty cold standing around filling up the tanks manually. Frank’s aslso figuring out some things he wants doing over the summer such as converting one of the older teacher houses into a classroom, so there should be some stuff for me to do. Kat tried to catch the start of the Iditarod on TV yesterday but we don’t pick up the Anchorage channels until the afternoon for whatever reason which kinda sucked, but as soon as the dates for next year’s race are announced we’re planning on booking plane tickets and hotel and heading in to see it. Should be fun – I read a book a few months ago about Libby Riddles, the first woman to win the Iditarod back in 1985, and it sounded like a cool trip to take.


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