Month: March 2008

Fishing huts along the river

A lot warmer walking along the river than the 5F (-15C) it’s meant to be 🙂

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No fish and no graphics

Yesterday afternoon Nick, Dana and I went fishing up to the Gallic River where the locals ‘apparently’ go fishing. I say ‘apparently’, as we saw no fishing holes and could barely keep on the trail up there as it’s not

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Fun at the airport

I’d gone for a walk along the river with Mia this afternoon, and when I got to the airport Arctic Transportation Services had just flown in so I spent a while checking out their plane 🙂 I’d never been there

A tad chilly out

We’ve had a 2-3 days of clear weather now and I was looking forward to heading out on the snowmobile for a ride or going ice fishing, except the clear skies have brought temperatures down to -26F (-32C) plus whatever

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Finally some decent weather

This afternoon we had some pretty decent weather for a change – even though it was around 0F with windchill down to -25F, the sun was out and it wasn’t overcast or snowing 🙂 I wouldn’t say I’d given up

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