Look who’s spat his dummy out again…

I know Fernando Alonso often complains he’s quoted out of context, but on the issue of the racism shown towards Lewis Hamilton during testing in Spain he responded with (BBC Sport):

“It was an isolated incident and the FIA or anyone saying that the Spanish fans are racists is laughable.

“Last year, they called me a dog in a few races. Niki Lauda said those things about me, and no-one came to me to show me their support.”

Think someone needs to explain to him the different between ‘racism’ and ‘criticism’. He was probably called a dog due to the fact he had some terrible races. Sure, he looks a bit rough, but I doubt anyone was insinuating he’s actually a dog. Christijan Albers and Sakon Yamamoto were regularly called worse, again, because they were driving badly. For someone paid millions of dollars per race, you’d think he’d be able to take a bit of criticism and maybe learn from it – I mean, it’s not like Lauda has ever done anything in Formula 1 so might know what he’s talking about, is it…?

Still, here’s hoping Renault make a balls of a car like last season 😀


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