Enjoying a break in the weather

The weather cleared a little today and it was pretty warm this afternoon at around 30F (-1C), so Mia and I headed out for a walk. By the river, some of the ice along the river bank had slowly melted with the soft snow coming down and warm temperatures, but it was only an inch or two deep and there was still a few feet of ice below the standing water:

Melting ice

With the clouds clearing, it left some pretty cool formations against the blue sky in the sunshine:

River clouds

Wading through the fresh snow on the tundra after climbing off the river tired Mia out – it was easily over my knees in places but it didn’t seem to bother here! Kept getting glimpses off the village through the snow mounds where we started heading back towards the river:

Village glimpse

The blue sky really shined with the crisp, clean snow that has fallen the last few days. The cloud formations really helped make the scene look cool:


Mia was climbing up + down the snow mounds, and as I was trying to climb up one too I ended up waist-deep when she decided to come charging down to see what I was doing!

Mia charging

After getting home, Mia’s just pretty much slept after running around in the deep snow for an hour which has been nice + quiet! The weather is due to stay like this for a few days before the temperature drops again, so I might head out on the snowmobile tomorrow and play for a bit.


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