Planning for the summer

Yesterday morning I was called in to work around 9a.m as the sewer line running from the old houses was leaking. Mark + I tracked it all the way back to the very last connector before it went into the school where we either had simply forgotten to glue it or the glue didn’t hold given it was probably around 0F when we were doing it. I’m going for the later 😉 Was an easy fix and not too messy as the joint had held, just wasn’t airtight, though it was so cold it took most of the afternoon before I could get my ring back on as my fingers were pretty swollen.

Today isn’t looking like much fun as there’s blowing snow coming in pretty constantly and is forecast to hang around for a few days. Isn’t too cold, but the wind is biting cold still. I think Rocky is coming over to play with Mia later on – Kat wanted to make a Valentines card for him from Mia which I wanted nothing to do with, but think realised that was just a little too silly!

We’re definately going to spend another year up here though – Kat told Frank a couple of days ago as he was wanting to get a feel for who’s leaving + staying so he can plan for next school year. Makes sense so we can help Cris move from Minnesota this summer and for us to save up plenty for moving the following year. Kat’s wanting to do summer school as it’s a pretty good deal and we’re only looking at a couple of weeks down in the lower 48 and a few days around Anchorage as hotels and rental cars get too expensive for 7-8, so we’ll be around Tunt anyway. Hopefully there’ll be work for me as Frank is wanting the basketball court to come down and a new pre-fabricated building to be errected, and summer time would be a good opportunity to do it. If not, will just go play on me canoe 😀


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