Gone fishin’

With the temperature up to a sweltering -10F (-23C) but very little wind, I headed out to try ice fishing this afternoon. I kinda figured I may as well just bash my hands against a dry wall as they would end up the same way, and sure enough all the holes were frozen solid from the constant cold the last few days 🙁 I got a couple of feet down in a few different holes, but after an hour blistering my hands in my mittens from the ice pick figured I’d just leave it and head back with the gas-powered auger from school next time to cut straight down.

Jigging snowmobile

But, without any wind down in the river it was actually a lot warmer than it seemed. I’d bought a new (i.e ‘proper’) pair of goggles from the store a few days ago and they worked wonders – covered everything + more and stayed clear the whole time. Not bad for $44 as I couldn’t have got anything decent shipped in for that price. Weird how sometimes the prices are ridiculous and other times seem like a right bargain!


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