Not much hunting, but a good trip!

Today was a cold day for riding. Not sure where the weather stat got 0F from, it was easily -15F (-26C) when we were heading out! After delays in the other guys getting gas and hunting licences, we headed out of Tunt for the hour or so’s ride to Eek where the plan was to then try to find some caribou. I found out that not all schools in the district are painted bright blue like here in Tunt – these were the school buildings in Eek, including the new 2-storey teacher housing unit:


Frank and I were a mile or so past Eek before we realised we’d lost Jason + Arthur. Turning round, we found them a mile or two back down the trail before Eek – Arthur’s snowmobile had problems very reminiscent of mine before Christmas when the fuel lines were freezing. After heading into the village for some Heet, it started running again, but by then it was getting on for 3.30p.m and we decided to call it a day.

Arthur broken down

Riding back to Tunt, Jason + I started playing in the powder snow and really getting some speed going. We kept hanging back to check on Arthur too who seemed to do okay bringing it back home:

Arthur snowmobiling

I managed to play cameraman for a while in-between taking photos. It was a lot smoother off-trail even though it seems to bounce around a lot when picking up speed as I move between riders, and check out the cool cloud formations. A very nice landscape to be riding through even if we were half frozen! In the video – first Jason, then Arthur, and Frank leading the way:

Although it was very cold (I’ve got some good frostbite across my eyebrows and sides of my eyes), it was very pretty with the sun starting to get low on the horizon and the clean, untouched snow as we dipped down across streams and rivers:

River crossing

Dipping down off the tundra into the streams + small rivers was also a good excuse to get out the wind which was biting cold!

Stream dip

We all made it back home safely, and sure we’ll try it again on a slightly warmer day! Nick a couple of the guys from the village had headed out as we were a few miles out of Tunt, hoping to make good time to Eek, but pushed their snowmobiles too hard and one broke – a bolt sheared clean off the track, probably due to the cold. They headed home empty handed too, but I think Kat was a bit relieved we didn’t return with anything as she didn’t fancy going to help out with the processing the caribou meat!

But, on a positive note, I did spy some ice fishing holes a few miles down river from Tunt, and although I thought they might be for nets and black fish traps, when we came home there was an old guy jigging. So, guess who’s going to load up ice fishing gear next week and give it a try 🙂 ?


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