All finished at work (for the moment…)

I only had an hour’s work this morning and that was it, the project is all done and working nicely. We got the toilets installed in the houses and hooked up to the water yesterday so they’re flushing nicely, and there’s just the hot water connection at school for Mark to do. Frank is going to figure out how he wants our duplexes connecting next and get parts on order, so no idea when we’ll actually start work again. Still, nice to get all finished up after spending so long working on it, and the people living over there seem pretty happy as they have proper flushing bathroom facilities emptying back into the school system rather than electric toilets and the bath just dumping water on the ground!

Parked snowmobile

After I lunch, the weather was pretty clear and warm so I dug my snowmobile out the snow drift and headed a couple of miles out the village across the river for some target practice with a .177 air pistol. I’d bought an air pistol and rifle last summer but only used them a couple of times when out on the canoe, so after I got a couple of plastic buckles over the weekend for a set of saddlebags I bought on eBay for $10, figured I’d load up and start practicing.

It was worth digging the snowmobile out the snowdrift at home as it was a lot of fun riding through all the soft powder snow. Going along the river where it was a couple of feet deep and un-ridden, it felt more like riding the jetski back on Lake Tahoe than a snowmobile as you couldn’t really feel anything solid beneath you. Good fun though 🙂 I managed to get home a few minutes before the fog set in again, yet it was so clear and calm when I was out on the tundra. Timed it nicely!


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