Productive day

Another hard day today, though thankfully no more snow or wind. We finished insulating all the pipes, connected the final section of Marie’s house, and hooked up the glycol heat loop and sewer lines into the school. Since we were already under the school, figured we may as well test that the pumps in the sewer tanks worked. As disgusting as it was to see raw sewage pumping, at least it worked (and the tank then emptied into the school system once I switched the check-valve I put in the wrong way round…), and it felt good to finally get it running after working on it for so long. The heap loop needs a more powerful pump as the glycol doesn’t flow fast enough to make it useful for keeping things warm, and tomorrow we can hook up the flush toilets in the houses to finish off the bathrooms. Very little else left to do, and hopefully Frank + Mark will find some more work for us to do elsewhere around school.


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