Fun start to the week

After warm weather (well, just above freezing) and rain over the weekend, a lot of the snow had gone making work a little easier, if wetter. Today was a bit of a struggle underneath one of the houses removing the old metal drainage pipes for the bath + sink to connect them together with new ABS pipes into the main system. Mark went off to find a 1 1/2″ – 2″ adapter to join the metal to plastic pipes and returned to have me comment “Mark, that’s just a 2″ – 2″ connector with an extra rubber seal in one end isn’t?”. “Yah, but it’s now a 1 1/2″ – 2″ connector isn’t it.” 😀 Ah well, bush construction…

Middle tank

Edward then tried got bored and decided to attack a power cable with a jigsaw whilst I was crouched under the house right next to him. Well, technically he was cutting through a pipe, hit the power cable, sent sparks flying, then after he stopped cursing in Yup’ik marvelled at how the end of the saw blade had melted. We also discovered that the old houses aren’t fitted with circuit breakers, or must have ones that require something along the lines of tank being driven into them to actually trip, since the lights just buzzed on + off then carried on as normal. Thankfully the jigsaw had a plastic body and handle so he was fine, though a little more careful for the rest of the afternoon!


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