Working on a Friday is bad craic

8a.m this morning I was called into work. Happy Friday. At least it was fairly warm at around 10F, though I was still knee deep in snow at times, and not much fun crawling around under houses installing the pex pipe that finally arrived yesterday for the glycol heat loop . Only took 10 weeks to get here from Anchorage! I might have been fairly warm, but the pipe wasn’t happy in the cold (shouldn’t really install it under those temperatures, but it’s the warmest it’s been for a couple of weeks anyway and likely to drop again the end of next week) so we had to heat the ends before connecting and crimping in case it fractured. But, we got about half of the pipeline done, and it was the hardest part that runs out of the school under the steps, under a house, under the bridge and then into the tank house. The next half is just a 150 foot dog leg all out in the open so should be a doddle. Zach got about a half of what we had installed insulated as well, but there should easily be work for most of next week if not more by the time we hook up bathroom appliances and finally connect everything into the school’s system.

I also got my debit card through from Wells Fargo today which was cool. My box of checks arrived yesterday which were all spiffy with my name + address printed on along with scenic wagon trail backgrounds (much better than boring plan cheques in England with only your name on!), so am all set now. Can deposit this month’s pay check into my own account 🙂


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