PayPal’s bass-ackward security systems

So, my PayPal account back in the UK is under review in-line with European money laundering regulations. First a hunting licence, then money laundering. Am on a roll this week!

Since I’ve been moving money back + forth between US + UK accounts the past year or so, I’ve hit some monetary limit they have in place before a review is required to prevent naughty going’s on. Is a bit weird, as it isn’t actually limiting me from doing anything as they detailed, since I was able to go ahead and withdraw the money I transfered in anyways 🙂 There’s two verification steps you have to complete for the review – first, PayPal deposit two small amounts into your bank account and you report back what they were. I’ve already done that years ago, but PayPal want to give me another 7p… Second, they set up an automated phone call where you enter a provided security code, but, they let you change the number they call you on anyways. So if someone was fraudulently accessing my account, they could simply have changed the telephone number, requested the call, then entered the security code shown on screen…

Ah well, it’s the last payment going into my UK account as everything will be cleared up once the withdrawal is complete. As a 7 year PayPal customer, seems like as with most things they inconvenience the genuine users due to the actions of the few.


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