Bit of excitement to start the week

After some work near our house the last few days moving new oil tanks onto the lake and clearing away the ground where they’ll actually be situated, today they moved over the big crane to lift them into place:

Equipment on the lake

They did seem to be getting a little nervous as they drove it over, drilling a number of holes into the ice in front of the crane to make sure it was definately strong enough to take the weight of the machine. Has certainly been weird seeing 4×4’s driving around the village from the airport and back with the workmen and surveyors moving around, but this crane dwarfs everything in the area as we could see it from miles away coming back from Bethel last week:

Crane by the school

I think they’re going to start figuring out how to move the new tanks into position, as the current yellow tanks and a nice low-lying power line are right in it’s path, so could get interesting this afternoon. Thankfully I have a front row seat for it as it’s all going on about 20 feet out our living room windows 🙂 Kat’s missing it all as she went back to school today and only has 7 kids there as 4 have called in sick!


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