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It was around -29F (-33C) this morning and only got up to around -22F (-30C) this afternoon which was pretty damn cold! Frank called me in to school as the custodian was sick, his replacement hadn’t shown up yesterday, and the school needed cleaning ready for Monday. I didn’t mind as it was 5 hours work at a better rate than as a laborer, and there’s been none of that for weeks anyway!

The waste water pipe from the water treatment plant back to the school is frozen meaning it’s not processing any water from the well, so hauling water back home tomorrow might be off the cards. The weather over the last couple of weeks is just causing all sorts of problems – frozen generator so power outages, frozen water pipe at school so no laundry for 2 weeks, frozen sewer tank at home and now frozen waste water pipe so no water at home. Going ice chipping isn’t worth it as will takes day to melt inside the heater room in these temperatures anyway.

But, it’s forecast to warm up to around 0 to 10F by Wednesday or Thursday so hopefully things will get thawed out and repaired.


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