Snowmobiling with Mia

No, not with her sat on the back, though given the chance she’d probably try it!

Since it was pretty nice weather this afternoon (‘only’ -8F), I thought I’d try the thumb warmer on the throttle before I needed it on a really cold day, and figured it was a good time to see if Mia would join me for a run. I know Rocky + Koda both run happily alongside snowmobiles and 4-wheelers, but they’re husky’s so should be quite at home running for long distances! Mia’s ‘slightly’ larger though, but she can keep pace with Rocky over short distances now, and she ran quite happily with the snowmobile today just around the village. Seemed to think it was so cool to be able to run around without a leash on! Had to keep stopping every minute or so which was what I expected and is now crashed out on the sofa! Won’t take her out for 10 mile jaunts, but nice to know we can go play for 10 minutes or so.

Note my speedometer reading zero on the dial even though the engine is running at about 4,000rpm 😉 The thumb warmed worked great too – even though it wasn’t too cold by normal standards for out here, it still made such a big difference. Not bad for $15 off eBay, and should stop my thumb falling off (making riding very difficult!) when the temperature drops again!


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