English Eskimo

It was another stupidly cold day today at around -18F (-28C) and when I went to turn my camera on before going out for a walk it grumbled about a zoom error (again) and decided it didn’t want to play today. Maybe it knew how cold it was outside. Kat’s camera didn’t (and probably regretted it!) so I took the dogs for a walk on the river.

One of the high school kids had tried to zip onto the river across the ice sheets where people have been chipping ice and promptly dropped into a few inches of standing water – cue three snowmobiles towing it out, but it fired up right away and they rode off. Still, least it was an opportunity to model the new hat Kat got me for Christmas (nice + warm!), and to live up to my name gamertag of English Eskimo:

English Eskimo

I went home after that, was too cold! But, hopefully the mains water at school will be back up + running tomorrow or Tuesday, and at least the water treatment plant was still going strong so we could haul water this morning.


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