Jack Frost playing tricks

Kat’s been busy the last couple of days making quaspecs. One is going to her mom and the other is going into Kat’s collection! I checked in earlier this afternoon and she’d got one finished and looking really nice, so I’ll see if I can get her to pose when they’re both done 🙂

The power flicked out around midnight last night which had us a bit worried but it came back on within 20 minutes or so. Guess it’s business as usual in that respect! But, the school’s hot water feed froze + broke a couple of night’s ago so the school is without water (also means we’re without clean clothes…). Not entirely sure how a ‘hot’ water pipe freezes, but there you go. Hopefully the new parts will get here today or tomorrow and Mark can get it fixed.

The guys tried to empty our waste tank at home this afternoon and came a knockin’ on the door asking me to plug the in-tank heater in as their pipes had got blocked with ice. All the tanks over here were unplugged as Frank figured it was a bit of a waste of electricity… It’s plugged in now, and at least the main pipe from the house hasn’t frozen so everything is still draining okay from the kitchen + bathroom, and within a couple of days it should be good to go as it’s just the top couple of inches frozen.

Joys of bushing living…?


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