Happy New Year!

A little belated (no, I haven’t been recovering from a hangover all day, though not by choice…), but happy new year to everyone! We had quite a lot of fireworks going off around the village last night which was pretty cool. I expected maybe a handful of fireworks, but some people had a real decent collection they were setting off, and various people were setting them off until about 12.30a.m or so. There doesn’t seem to have been any problems though, and all the kids seemed to go home right away afterwards.

But, I decided not to go for any new year’s resolutions, instead I decided to join Project 365 on flickr where you take a photo a day, every day, for a year. The idea is you can then browse through them at the end of the year and have a photo journal almost showing what you did right through the year. Have seen some pretty cool examples on YouTube, and gives me some motivation to get out the house even when it’s really cold (about -23C today). I’ll put each of the photos on here, but feel free to browse through the collection as it develops in my Project 365 set on flickr, and why not check out the rest of my photos on flickr too. They’re mainly just the best of the landscape photos from my photo gallery on here, but although I’ve been a flickr member since 2005, I never really had the courage to post my photos up there for others to easily view (and critique…). They seem to be going down well though, and I’ve already had a photo of the Yosemite Valley invited into a landscape group showcasing top quality nature phots 🙂


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