Month: December 2007

New throttle cable installed

After helping Mark replace all the light bulbs and strip lights at home with new energy-efficient bulbs, he showed me how to change the throttle cable on my snowmobile. Wasn’t that hard, but I was glad Mark was there to

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My ’91 Polaris Indy 500 snowmobile

ATS arrived about 8.30p.m yesterday fairly un-announced, so I figured I’d wander up to the airport this morning to see if my snowmobile had come in. Sure enough, it had, so after putting some gas in, it fired up after

One depressed puppy

Ironically my snowmobile is stuck in Bethel due to snow 😀 ATS called yesterday afternoon to confirm they’d received it from NAC, and it was due to fly out today. We’ve had horrible wet snow falling all day though (and

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Snowmobile one flight closer to Tunt

I called Northern Air Cargo this afternoon to figure out where my snowmobile has disappeared too – the online tracking still hadn’t shown it arriving in Bethel, and according to their schedule, their is no flight 734! But, turns it

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Starting to freeze over again

After it looking more like Spring outside with the warm weather clearing all the snow and making the lakes look like normal lakes again, the temperature started dropping late this afternoon and is a few degrees below freezing now. We

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