Month: December 2007

Photo year in review

Well, it’s been a year to the day that I moved out to the US 😀 Figured that since I’ve taken more photos in the past year than I have in my entire life combined, may as well use them

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Walk along the river

Kat + Marie called off their walk this morning as -25C plus windchill was a bit too much for them. From the comfort of a warm bad at 7.15a.m I muttered something about them being big softies… I waited until

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Checking out the new airport

It’s about -4F (-20C) this afternoon, so I pulled on the snowpants, jacket and big mittens and took the snowmobile out for a ride. There hasn’t been that much more snow, so it was still pretty bumpy, but not as

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Mia’s first birthday

Today is Mia’s first birthday and whilst Kat was in Bethel last week she picked up a squeaky hedgehog toy for her as a present. Don’t think Mia has a clue as to why she’s got a present, but she

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Well, it didn’t go into reverse…

Guess we didn’t mess up installing the throttle cable yesterday, as I just ran it up to the gas station and I’ll second Mark’s comment of it feeling like it’s got a new throttle cable 🙂 Runs very smoothly which

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