Fantasy football winner

On the final day of the regular season, I ended up winning the fantasy football league! I was a bit concerned when we lost power as I couldn’t make changes to my team even I’d wanted to and figured some of my guys would be rested, but in the end I only missed out with Roethlisberger not playing and still had 20 points more than anyone else in the league. Picked up the 25 points I needed to catch up with Coleen and have won by 20.23 points which isn’t bad for only making two team changes through the season and being about 200 points behind the leader and at the bottom of the table after four weeks 😀 Also won a Rotohog cap after being in the top 5 of week 9’s biggest mover contest.

But, we’ve got a quiet New Year’s Eve coming up. Our neighbor Georgette did make a bunch of Chinese food for us, but we don’t have much else planned. Hope no-one gets too drunk tonight (I can think of a few likely suspects..) – I know we won’t 🙁


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