Electricity restored

About 3a.m a lamp in the living room flicked on and the fridge + freezers powered themselves up. Apart from being woken up at 3a.m on a Sunday morning, it was nice! We’d headed over to Marie’s for a couple of hours last night to cook some food and enjoy some electricity 🙂 We figured it was the smaller generator, as had most people in the village, so this morning we just had one light on. But, by the afternoon Frank starting pulling in the extension cords for the housing heaters and told me the main generator was up + running and everything back to normal. Not sure whether it was the main generator going first thing this morning, but at least we have power again.

Was so weird the last couple of nights seeing everything pitch black outside. Some houses were without a small generator or wood burning stove for heat and had got pretty cold, so hopefully they’re warming up now. The dogs were pretty confused too as they’re used to going to bed when it gets dark in the house, but that was at about 5p.m last night and Mia certainly seemed to be getting grumpy when we were still moving around at 10p.m! Didn’t get out ice fishing yesterday as the gas station was closed (duh!) but it should be open tomorrow and I might try it then.


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