A working snowmobile, snow angels on the river, and power cuts…

After getting my snowmobile home a couple of days ago and checking everything over, it’s now running fine again. Still not sure why it was originally losing power, but I’ve put IsoHeet into the gas tank to stop any water in there freezing and causing fuel blockages again. We’ve had a bunch of snow through yesterday and last night so there’s a good 6-8 inches of power snow down, and I was out for 30-40 minutes this afternoon without any problems. It was fun going onto the river as I got from the little dock by the school to where the river splits upstream in about 3 minutes – took over half an hour in the canoe! Yesterday I’d tracked down the speedometer problem to the key in the driveshaft having broken, but at 4+ hours work (and not having the foggiest how to even take the driven clutch off, let alone take it apart!) to fix it, I’ve decided I can live without it. It’s not a more serious problem of a bearing failure on the driveshaft, and I borrowed Frank’s grease gun to add low temperature grease on a bunch of areas.

Later this afternoon Kat + I took the dogs out for a walk on the river and they both seemed to enjoy it:

Mia and Rocky on the river

Mia was full of energy and kept running around, even if she did keep loosing her footing on the ice underneath the snow at the edges of the river! Kept coming back and having a lie down next to us to catch her breath before running off again:

Mia lying in the snow

Kat tried to make a snow angel in the fresh snow, but didn’t get very far with all the dogs clambering over her – I did eventually help her out by calling the dogs away so she could get up:

My snowmobile tracks are somewhere in here from earlier – was so much nicer riding in the powder snow across the tundra and then on the river rather than the compacted snow:

Snowmobile tracks on the river

Coming back off the river by the airport was fun – even close up it looks like standing water:

Frozen river

It is all frozen solid, but the wind and snowmobiles have blown the snow away. Still pretty dodgy walking over it and looking down to see yourself seemingly walking on water!

But, when we got home, the power was still out, having gone off around noon. Frank + Mark were dragging out extension cords to our duplexes and moving around inside the heater rooms, as they were hooking the heating units up the school’s generator. Didn’t sound encouraging, and turns out the frequent power cuts in the village have been due to only one generator actually working which had then frozen today and broken. There’s meant to be a smaller generator they can hook up, but it would only give out enough juice for each house in the village to run their heater and a single light bulb. That said, it’s now 7.30p.m and no power at all to the houses. Thankfully we at least have the heater still going at home otherwise it would be seriously cold, but it’s meant to be at least a couple of days before the power will be fully restored, and that’s “village” 2 days, which is likely to mean a week. No power, no water (electric pump), and nothing to stop the pipes from freezing for whenever power does come back and the water comes back on. The school’s generators are running fine, but they eat fuel at the best of times so things are being conserved here too. Hopefully something will come back on soon otherwise there’s an awful lot of food in the freezers going to waste, and it’s not like we can cook any of it either! A lot of the houses in the village can use wood burning stoves since they can’t get their mains heater going, and thankfully it’s around 15F today, as at the beginning of the week it was -20F and then people would really have had problems staying warm.

But, eyed up some ice fishing spots today just around the village, so might head out tomorrow and freeze my butt off catching nothing but a cold like over the summer! Apparently some people have been catching white fish and pike using nets and pots, but not sure about just using a line. Not like there’s going to be anything to do at home anyways!


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