An obituary, perhaps…?

I went out on the snowmobile this afternoon and came back to an e-mail from Mike with a little Christmas poem:

“The night before Xmas
nothin was moving…
Not even the speedo
on Fouldsy’s snow bike…”

How apt it is – I may have gone out on the snowmobile, but I didn’t come back on the snowmobile 🙁 Broke down again about 5 miles out the village with exactly the same problem as last time. Got it going again after 5-10 minutes so pointed myself back towards the village but didn’t get more than a mile or so before it stopped again, only this time it didn’t fire up after 45 minutes trying various things. A long walk back in -20C plus windchill has given me a nice bit of frostbite on my face, and it’s too dark to get back out there now with someone else to either try to get it going or tow it back, though Mark didn’t really have any ideas on top of what I’d already tried. Ho bloody ho 🙁


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