Walk along the river

Kat + Marie called off their walk this morning as -25C plus windchill was a bit too much for them. From the comfort of a warm bad at 7.15a.m I muttered something about them being big softies… I waited until this afternoon when at least there would be some warmth off the sun (that plan didn’t quite work out) and took Mia for a walk down by the river. Didn’t quite have the courage to go on the river as I couldn’t figure out the ice right by the river bank:

Snowmobile trail onto the river

I guess new layers of ice keeping forming as the tide moves underneath and then a frost over the top, so although I guess it’s solid underneath since snowmobiles have obviously done it, I didn’t fancy risking it! Mia didn’t seem to mind as loves chewing on ice like Rocky:

The sun only just about creeps over the horizon by 11a.m, and stays pretty low throughout the day now, meaning you get some pretty cool lighting effects:

Frozen river bank

And this one of a boat tied down on the river bank (in case the wind blows it away…?) which isn’t going anywhere for the next 5 months or so:

Boat docked by frozen river

But, at least with everything frozen you can wander wherever you want rather than being stuck on the boardwalks to get mowed down by 4-wheelers 🙂 We actually got a circular reminding people of the speed limits around the village – the school’s 4-wheeler doesn’t have a speedometer and the one on my snowmobile don’t work so I could at least protest innocence! Makes going for walks out of the village a bit calmer and quieter as you can move around trails through the ‘woods’. Mia seems to like it more than just being on the boardwalks too and I don’t blame her. Maybe next week I’ll take onto the river where she can run free.


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