Checking out the new airport

It’s about -4F (-20C) this afternoon, so I pulled on the snowpants, jacket and big mittens and took the snowmobile out for a ride. There hasn’t been that much more snow, so it was still pretty bumpy, but not as bad as last week. I was also a bit more confident in the snowmobile itself, and once the engine warmed up it ran nicely. I’m still waiting on the new spark plugs which is a bit annoying as at low revs it still has problems and cut out at the start of the ride a couple of miles out of the village which would have left me with a none too pleasant walk back, but after checking things over, there was air in the choke. A local out chopping wood had stopped to help too, so is nice to know that at least if something does happen, so long as you’re on one of the main trails you shouldn’t be alone too long.

Snowmobile by the new airport

This was up by the new airport – there’s still a ton of machinery up there, and some weird metal grill contraption running about half the length of the runway. Not quite sure what it is, but don’t think there’s too much more work to be done next summer to get it operational. There were also snowmobile tracks on the river at the end of the runway, but I decided not to try it and swung back across the to of the village instead! It’s still going to be a hairy landing depending on the wind as you’re going to be coming in low right over the river like you do know, but at least the runway is slightly longer – at the moment you’ve got the river waiting at the other of the runway too! When I’d dropped Kat + Pam off a couple of weeks ago when they flew to Bethel, I was speaking with Lincoln up there who was telling me the original runway from the 1950’s was built by the locals with shovels and pickaxes, and had a bend in the middle as it followed the river bank! He said there were one or two ‘incidents’ were the pilots didn’t quite get the bend right coming in to land 😉

But, schools breaks up on Friday and Kat’s looking forward to a bit of a rest! They have a Christmas program tomorrow at school with each class doing a short piece, but other than that they’re just trying to keep the kids from getting too hyper!


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