Mia’s first birthday

Today is Mia’s first birthday and whilst Kat was in Bethel last week she picked up a squeaky hedgehog toy for her as a present. Don’t think Mia has a clue as to why she’s got a present, but she seems to be enjoying it! We got her the exact same toy from Anchorage over the summer and it lasted really well.

Mia's birthday present

Kat put up our Christmas tree a week or so ago and decided we should have a family Christmas photo! It’s also a chance to show off her new quaspec she bought from the craft fair in Bethel over Thanksgiving:

Family Christmas shot

Although there hasn’t been much snow the past few days, it has been staying around 20F (-7C) so the lakes are pretty much frozen over solid again. It’s actually down to 5F (-15C) today and looks like it’s been snowing as it’s so thick with frost and it’s lunchtime! I took the snowmobile yesterday out for a ride around the tundra to the north of the village for a few miles to see how it ran out in the open, but it was very bumpy without much snow down on the frozen ground, and the small streams and ponds were mainly just covered in ice making it pretty slippery! It was all good fun and it’s certainly got a ton of power under acceleration 🙂


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