New throttle cable installed

After helping Mark replace all the light bulbs and strip lights at home with new energy-efficient bulbs, he showed me how to change the throttle cable on my snowmobile. Wasn’t that hard, but I was glad Mark was there to adjust the carbs as it was revving way too high after we first attached the cables. But, after it they were adjusted, he commented that “it feels just like it’s got a new throttle cable on”… I got some coolant from the gas station and refilled + bled the system, so just hopefully it stays cold this evening with a bit more snow and I’ll try taking it out tomorrow.

I also got my prize from Rotohog today for my fantasy football team – it was a pretty cool cap, though is a weird shape so doesn’t fit too well! But, better than nothing, and I’m now nicely sat in 2nd place in our league with another 21 points from tonight’s game to come. Am ranked about 37th overall after the weekend, and hope to climb higher once they recalculate the points tomorrow 🙂


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