My ’91 Polaris Indy 500 snowmobile

ATS arrived about 8.30p.m yesterday fairly un-announced, so I figured I’d wander up to the airport this morning to see if my snowmobile had come in. Sure enough, it had, so after putting some gas in, it fired up after a couple of pulls on the starter cable. Not bad considering it was thick with frost from sitting outside all night and hasn’t been used in goodness knows how long! After I got it home and cleaned off the dirt underneath the frost, it’s actually in better condition than I expected for something 16 years old and for only $1000:

1991 Polaris Indy 500 snowmobile

Mark came and checked it over at lunch time and it’s actually the exact same model he bought as his first snowmobile! Everything seems in pretty good working order after topping up the oil and engine coolant, though I have ordered in a new throttle cable from Bethel as it was sticking a little when 3/4 open. Mark thinks one of the cables running to the carburetors is frayed, so best to replace it so it doesn’t stick open when doing 50mph 😉 Other than that, the rest of the engine, drivetrain, track and skis all seem in order.

Polaris Indy 500 engine

Hopefully the throttle cable will come in this evening and we can replace it over the weekend. Overall, pretty happy with it considering it was a bit of unknown without being able to check it over, especially with so many well-abused snowmobiles in the same price range. Just need a little more snow now so I can actually get out an use it 😀


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